Az Importers Ltd-Distributors and Manufacturers of quality leather motorcycle clothing, Leather Gloves, Leather Jackets, Leather Vest-Coats, Leather Bags & Belts, since 1996.We have a well organized and effective production set-up, with quality and guarantee. You will find a nice return of your money that you would utilize for buying our products.

We're pouring out our soul all together into each product with the "Quality Priority" management system. We're 100% confident that you can pick the highest sales and benefits through our products. These efforts and experience that comes with third generation we are now able to reward ourselves by producing the high quality products with competitive prices which will make life a great deal easier for all those who involved in the buying and selling of our products.

Wearer also benefiting from our new premises and we find ourselves in an excellent position to become one of the most important producers in the world. Az Importers Ltd equipment and apparel is manufactured in our own factory under the supervision of our best and most experienced staff. Az Importers Ltd maintains specifications and performance standards equal to, and in many cases exceeds those of popular brands of the world. Serious bikers choose our products because they perform better.

Az Importers Ltd products are Imported and distributed exclusively through some of the top companies of the world. Our garments are produced using high quality fabrics, A-grade cowhide, Kevlar and nylon, double triple safety stitches, double layers where required, To further improve functionality we incorporate materials like thermo-liners, Kevlar, carbon fiber and Riesa breathable waterproof membranes.

It has not been an easy path and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for their support, and express our thanks to everyone who has trusted in our products and contributed to our success. Of course, we would also like to thank our photographer who has been part and parcel of this project from the start, and to the website developer of these pages who will undoubtedly contributed to its success.

Thanks for your kind attention in a precious time.

Your's Truly
AZ Importers Ltd
Managing Director